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Babysitting Checklist

Babysitters can get swept away in the tide of events and end up forgetting to ask something vital. Using a babysitting checklist is a good aid in remembering all the things to ask or know. Some of these are vital health and safety concerns, whereas others are there to ease your mind or make babysitting more fun. Feel free to add or remove items to this checklist, there may be special rules or circumstances.

Contact Numbers

It is absolutely essential to have all the important contact numbers. Make sure mobile numbers for the parents, as well as the phone for where you are babysitting are all written down in a convenient place. Always ensure to have a backup contact number for a relative who lives close in case the parents can not be gotton hold of.

The Babysitting Address

Make sure you have the address of where you will be babysitting. Although many modern call centers will instantly have the address from which a call is made, this will not be the case for everyone for whom you might wish to call for service (if only for pizza). Emergency services may also ask the name of the closest major road or intersection to help them should they have difficulty finding the address.

Know the Neighbors

Ask the child’s parents for a neighbor's details so they can help you in an emergency. The parents should make certain that the neighbor will be in when you are babysitting, but remind them. Having people nearby that can help should something go wrong is very important. Make sure you only go to these neighbors, as you don’t know what the other people who live nearby are like at all, and knocking on a strangers door is never a good idea so be careful.


Check if the children have any allergies and, of course, avoid at all costs. Some allergies can be life threatening; so always be careful. Ask if there is anything you should do if a child comes into contact with an allergen, as you should always be prepared.

Medical Conditions

You should never give drugs to a child unless explicitly asked to by the child’s parents. If a child feels unwell, seems to be developing a cold or flu, and you think they might need a pain reliever, then phone the parents to make sure you are allowed to do so - even if the child tells you its fine. Ask the parents if the children are unable to have certain medical treatments or drugs, such as penicillin as medical personal will need to know this information instantly in an emergency.

Other Stuff

You will also want to know bedtimes, allowed snacks, allowed games and activities, and any rules governing behavior and misbehavior. Many children have a bedtime ritual, knowing this ritual will go a long way to keeping them comfortable and happy. Finally, you will want to know where the parents are going and when they are expected to return.

This babysitting checklist should ensure that you are always prepared an emergency and equipped with the knowledge to calmly deal with a situation should it arise.