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Babysitting Games

It is often a challenge to keep children entertained while babysitting. Babysitting games can be a great way to keep everyone happy and busy, which leads to not only making your life easier but also keeping the children happy and bonding with them.

The children should see the sitter as both a friend and an authority figure, the two go hand in hand. The babysitter is being paid to ensure the safety and well-being of the children first, being their friend as well gives a sitter the ability to influence behavior in positive ways.

Board Games

Board games can be fun, and are an especially good way to keep multiple children occupied. It enables the babysitter to not only know where they all are, but also keeps them all out of trouble and under immediate supervision. There are a lot of two player board games available; so even if there is only one child, this is still a great idea! There is very little preparation required, play games the children have already or bring your own game. This will show your interest and also bring something new and exciting to help hold the interest of the children. Of course, difficulties can arise due to bickering, adjudicate fairly and do not insist on winning yourself. Finally, it is important to know when the children are becoming bored, so that you must stop and do something else.

Arts and Crafts

Art is a good way to connect with the children. For younger children finger-painting can be amazing fun. The key here is to control the mess. Be sure that you have the supplies necessare and that the children are appropriately dressed for this activity. Being good at art yourself is always helpful - children can be easily entertained by simple drawings, especially if they can be shown to draw a recognizable figure themselves. The babysitter should be encouraging when a child draws or paints something. Yet it is not out of line to give them helpful advice in a positively reinforcing manner. Ultimately, it is goog to remember that art is a personal thing. Simply reassuring them that you enjoy their art will help to boost their confidence, and might even spur them on to productive activity.

Cheap and easy finger-paint can be made from 2 cups of water, a quarter of a cup of corn starch, and food coloring. Simply mix the water and cornstarch well. Boil in a saucepan to thicken it. Allow the mixture to cool, then poor it into old jam jars or similar containers and mix in various food colorings. Not only is this cheap, and non-toxic, but it will also last for ages.

There are countless babysitting games to play. Remember to gear games and activities to ages and inclinations of the children. When sitting many children, try some simple party games. Although it may be tempting to resort to television and videogames to keep children occupied, giving them a unique experience will have them asking for you back next time and make them more eager to please you when it is time to ask them to go to bed or eat their peas. Spend more time getting to know the children you are looking after and you’ll find that all of you have more fun!